Swift 3.x Calls Objective-C

Maybe you or a colleague named a constant with PascalCase in an Objective-C method (class or like this:

+ (UIColor *)SKDarkBlue;

and in Swift 2, you could call it easily with

self.checkStateBand.backgroundColor = UIColor.SKDarkBlue;

But in Swift 3, the casing is automatically changed for you... isn't that nice!?

self.checkStateBand.backgroundColor = UIColor.skDarkBlue;

This example is great because you can see what happens to two initial caps.

What if it's just one?

- (void) FirstCapMethod;

looks like this in Swift 3:



Does Your Constant End in Notification?

Objective-C Notification

extern NSString * const SKMagTekSwiperDisconnectedNotification;

Gets called like this from Swift

let someNotification = NSNotification.Name.SKMagTekSwiperDisconnected